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Triple Finale® Careers CEO Welcomes You!

Welcome to the Triple Finale® Careers Entry-Level Career Transition Coaching Program designed for individuals who are starting fresh in their career search journey!  The Welcome Video to the left is for you.  It will provide you with guidance on the content provided in this training room.  

Embark on a journey of professional excellence with our comprehensive course. Uncover your unique skills, define your career goals, and master the art of crafting ATS-compatible resumes. Elevate your journey with our Triple Finale® Careers Stacking Technique. This digital space is your key to entry-level success into the job market. Get ready to excel in your career endeavors. Happy learning!

Triple Finale® Careers

ENTRY LEVEL - Career Transition Training Program

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Welcome to Triple Finale ® Careers

Career Transitioning Steps

Introduction: Career Transition Training Program

MOD 1: Transition / Progression Cycle

MOD 2: The S.P.A. Principle

MOD 3: Expanding Your Career Options

MOD 4: Skills-Gap Analysis

MOD 5: Defining Your Future State & Career Map

MOD 6: Researching Your Industry

MOD 7 - Part I - Intro to Professional Branding

MOD 7 - Part II - Optimizing Your Resume

MOD 7 Part III - Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

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