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Triple Finale® Careers CEO Welcomes You!

Welcome to the Triple Finale® Careers Senior-Level Career Transition Coaching Program designed for individuals who are taking their career journey in a new direction!  The Welcome Video to the left is for you.  It will provide you with guidance on the content provided in this training room.  

Embark on a journey of professional excellence with our comprehensive course. Uncover your unique skills, define your career goals, and master the art of crafting ATS-compatible resumes. Elevate your journey with our Triple Finale® Careers Stacking Technique. This digital space is your key to master the career transition process. Get ready to excel in your career endeavors. Happy learning!

Triple Finale® Careers

ENTRY LEVEL - Career Transition Training Program

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Welcome to Triple Finale ® Careers

Career Transitioning Steps

Introduction: Career Transition Training Program

MOD 1: Transition / Progression Cycle

MOD 2: The S.P.A. Principle

MOD 3: Expanding Your Career Options

MOD 4: Skills-Gap Analysis

MOD 5: Defining Your Future State & Career Map

MOD 6: Researching Your Industry

MOD 7 - Part I - Intro to Professional Branding

MOD 7 - Part II - Optimizing Your Resume

MOD 7 Part III - Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

MOD 8 - Becoming A Thought Leader

MOD 9 - Networking For Success

MOD 10 - The Power of Skill Validation

MOD 11 - Testing the Market

MOD 12 - Foundation Building


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